Community Fund

Raheenleagh Wind Farm operates a community fund which will be made available every year for the operational lifetime of the wind farm. The fund, is made available to local community and voluntary organisations who wish to complete a project within one/any of our broad themes:

  • Education and Skills
  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing
  • Environment and Habitat Conservation
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
  • Culture and Heritage
  • Recreation, Sport and Social Inclusion
  • Tourism

The 2017/2018 rounds of funding are now open. For more information click here, and to apply click here.

Since 2015, the fund has committed to investing over €255,000 in 22 projects within the vicinity of Raheenleagh. The 11 projects which received funding in the latest round of funding, are as follows:

  • Kilanerin-Ballyfad G.A.A. Club were awarded €90,000 (€7,500 per annum for 12 years) toward the construction of a new all-weather playing and training pitch. The new facilities will allow the group to more effectively deal with the demand on their existing facilities by the expanding population in the area.
  • Arklow Cancer Support Group  were awarded €9,000 toward upgrading their transport with the purchase of a new vehicle, allowing the group to trade in their old wheels and ensures that patients can travel comfortably to and from appointments.
  • Ballycoog District Development Association were awarded €8,000 toward the construction of a footpath from Ballycoog Village to the local primary school, which will allow school children, walkers, joggers and more to safely traverse the area.
  • Ballyfad Community Hall Committee were awarded  €7,900, representing the 2nd payment of a twelve year commitment to the group towards the construction of a new community hall in the area.
  • Croghan Barrack Community Project were awarded €5,873 to improve the quality of a common ground area as a habitat and recreational facility.
  • Coolgreany Tidy Towns were awarded €3,877 for the purchase of new ride-on lawn mower for use by them and surrounding villages.
  • Residents of Croghan were awarded €1,000 for the addition of the ‘Welcome to Croghan’ stone to the townland.
  • Ballyfad Parents Association were awarded €965 towards the purchase of Outdoor sports equipment for children.
  • Coolgreany Community Arts Group were awarded €800 towards the provision of lighting and sound equipment to their ‘Late Bloomers’ initiative.
  • Ballintemple National School were awarded €600 who aim to get children and their families out in the fresh air through the provision of allotments on their grounds.
  • Rathpierce Group  were awarded €300 who are ‘Getting things Done’ through their new village tidy-up initiative.